Does art have to make sense?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Of course it does not have to make sense. it can if u want it to, but it doesn't HAVE to!

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Q: Does art have to make sense?
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Art in Egypt?

Please rephrase your question, which doesn't make sense.

What art movement reflected a world that didn't make sense between the world wars?


What does soy de eres mean in English?

It doesn't make much sense. It means I am of/from thou art.

Why art and technology is equivalent?

Yes Art and Technology are equivalent. Why? Well here's why. Think about it. To make technology, you need a sense of creativity (art) to begin planning this technology and making it. And to make art, you need to have technological smarts to know how to create the art piece and master it into something wonderful. So there's your answer! :)

The process by which the mind attempts to make sense of incomplete information is referred to as?

Human perception (i studied that in Art class)

Is fashion an example of art?

Yes, fashion is an example of art. It is an art form. People who likes fashion knows the art form . This is also known as fashion sense or dress sense.

In what sense was the Renaissance a rebirth?

In the sense of art during the era of the Renaissance.

Can you consider sex an art why?

Not isn the true sense of the term. Art is something original you create to make a statement for all time. A biological function hardly qualifies as a higher pursuit.

Is Translation as science or art?

Your question makes no sense.

Meaning of time art?

There is not a definition for the phrase time art. Art however, can be considered timeless in a sense that the older the art is the more valuable it becomes.

What does wherefore art thou romeo ean?

I disagree with the popular answer of it meaning "why" in this usage. That meaning doesn't make much sense since it was his surname that was the subject of the passage. The word, "wherefore" can also mean "where". This does make sense as she didn't have to go to an open window to make her statement or soliloquy. Her calling out, "Wherefore art thou" meant that she didn't know he was present and it supports her statement "What man art thou, that, thus be-screen'd in night, So stumblest on my counsel?" as he was obscured in the darkness below.

Does it make sense to make sense?

Actually, it does! If you don't make sense, people... won't understand you! So, it does make a BUNCH of sense to make sense, LOL! (Do not, ever, ask a question like this! It seriously makes NO sense!)