What does lp mean on CD?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Long Play

Long Play

Long Play

Long Play

Long Play

Long Play

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Long Play

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Q: What does lp mean on CD?
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What does LP mean?

LP stands for "long-playing phonograph" which is the same thing as a record. The term has remained the standard name for an album from bands or artists.

You are looking for the name of the album that Marielle Mathieu recorded A Brasilia and Priez Pour Moi It was recorded by Barclay Records?

did you mean Mireille Mathieu? Mireille Mathieu recorded "A Brasilia" and "Priez pour moi" on an LP titled "Mireille Mathieu" in part of the world. I wish you good fortune in finding the correct LP as it may be known by a different title in your part of the world. The difficulty with tracing songs of international stars, like Ms. Mathieu, is that the same LP may be given different titles in different areas of the world by different record companies. For example, "Mireille Mathieu" is the name of three different albums on LP and one on CD in various parts of the world. Polydor Records titled the LP which contained "A Brasilia" and "Priez pour moi" as "Bonjour Mireille", while Barclay Records titled it as "Mireille Mathieu". Barclay Records also gave that title ("Mireille Mathieu") to at least one other LP. Additionally, there are at least two LPs titled "Bonjour Mireille" by different record companies.

Did Wayne newton sing through the eyes of love?

Yes he did. It is available on the LP Wayne Newton's Greatest Hits, Volume 2, which is available on eBay from time to time. Unfortunately I have never been able to find the tune on CD.

Are LP records 1959 and on valuable?


What does lp and ep stand for?

LP = Long Player (Album) - EP = Extended Play (Single with more than two tracks)

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What is one advantage to an lp to cd recorder?

The huge advantage to an lp to cd recoder is obvious, you don't need an lp player anymore to play your favourite music. You can play your cd wherevere you are, wich with an lp player is impossible.

When was Definitive Collection Mini LP Replica CD Boxset created?

Definitive Collection Mini LP Replica CD Boxset was created in 1968-10.

What is eminems first album?

The Slim Shady LP if you mean Major.His First CD ever was Infinite

How much was CD's in 1950's?

There were no CD's in the 1950's. We had 45 and LP records.

Why is music available on LP record but not a CD?

A CD compresses music, With some music this compression ruins the sound. If music is released only on LP it would be due to this.

Can you record LP's to DVD's?

Yes, you can record LP's to CD's or DVD's. In order to do so, you need to connect the LP player using a Y audio cable to the computer. You will also need a program to convert the input audio into an MP3 or WAV file. Once you have captured the audio, you can save the files directly to a CD or DVD or use a CD writing program to create an audio CD.

What are slipknots the albems?

If you mean "albems" as albums these are there albums. Studio albums 1999 Slipknot Released: June 29, 1999 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8655-1) Format: CD, LP, CS 2001 Iowa Released: August 28, 2001 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8564-2) Format: CD , LP 2004 Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) Released: May 24, 2004 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8388-8) Format: CD, LP 2008 All Hope Is Gone Released: August 26, 2008 Label: Roadrunner (RR #7938-5) Format: CD, CD+DVD, LP

What eminem CD is white with a black e on it?

The Marshall Mathers LP

What are all the CD's Eminem made?

Infinite, Slim Shady LP, Marshal Mathers LP, Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse, Recovery

Can you buy a CD of Wayne Nutt's Oil Field Man?

I have the LP but not the equipment to transfer it to CD I am open for offers on the Album

If francois hardy issued a CD of her lp francoise hardy in English?

Not that I am aware of

What are the names of the songs which have been played by Richard Clayderman?

Look at the numbers of albums he made.Now, about 12 tracks in each of them.Search up any one of the albums made and you'll receive your answer.* 25 Years of Golden Hits (2xCD) * 50 Exitos Romanticos (3xCD) * 101 Solistes Tziganes (CD) * A Comme Amour (CD) * A Little Night Music (CD) * A little Romance (CD) * All by myself (2 CD SET) * Always (CD) * América Latina...mon amour (CD) * Amour (CD) * Amour pour amour (CD) * Anemos (CD * Anniversary Collection (5 CD SET) * Antique Pianos (CD) * A Touch of Latino (CD) * Ballade pour Adeline (LP / 33T) (WW Sales: 30 million) * Ballade pour Adeline (1985-CD) * Ballade pour Adeline and other Love Stories (CD) * Best Friend (CD) * Best of Classics (2 CD SET) * Best of Richard Clayderman (CD) * Brazilian Passion (CD) * Para Reynosa tamaulipas * Carpenters Collection (CD) * Chansons d'Amour (2 LP SET) * Chinese Evergreen (CD) * Chinese Garden (CD) * Chinese Garden/Cherished Moments (CD + VCD) * Christmas (LP / 33T) * Christmas Album (CD) * Classic Touch (CD) * Classics (CD) * Clayderman 2000 (CD) * Coeur Fragile (CD) * Collection, The (CD) * Confluence, The (CD) * Couleur Tendresses (1982,LP / 33T) * Deluxe (2 CD SET) * Desperado (CD) * Deutsche Volkslieder (CD) * Digital Concerto (CD) * Dimanche et fêtes (CD Single) * Ecos de sudamérica (CD) * Ein Träum von Liebe (LP / 33T) * Eléana (LP / 33T) * Eléana (CD) * Encore (CD) * En Venezuela (CD) * Essential (3 CD SET) * Essential Classics (CD) * Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (CD) * Fantastic Movie story of Ennio Morricone (CD) * Forever My Way (CD, 2006) * France, mon Amour (CD) * Friends France - Original (CD + VCD) * Friends France (CD + VCD) * From the Heart (LP / 33T) * From this moment on (2006/CD) * Golden Hearts (CD) * Golden Moments (CD) * Hollywood and Broadway (LP / 33T) * Il y a toujours de Soleil au dessus des Nuages (CD) * In amore (CD) (Originally produced (1999) (Polydor Records: 1995-1996) * In Harmony (CD) * In the key of love (2 CD SET) * Introducing Richard Clayderman (CD) * Japon mon Amour (CD) * Joue-moi tes rêves (CD) * Les Musiques de L'amour (LP / 33T) * Les Musiques de L'amour (CD Version) * Les Nouvelles Ballades Romantiques (CD) * Les Rendez Vous de Hasard (CD) * Les Sonates (CD) * Lettre à ma Mère (CD) * Lettre à ma Mère (LP / 33T) * Love, American Style (CD) * Love Collection (CD) * Love Follow Us (CD) * Love Follow Us 2 (CD) * Love, French Style (CD) * Love, Italian Style (CD) * Love Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber (CD) * Magic of Brazilian Music (CD) * Magic of Richard Clayderman (2 x LP) * Masters of Melody (3 CD SET) * Medley Concerto (LP / 33T) * Meisterstücke (CD) * Memories (DVD / VHS) * Millennium Gold (CD) * Mexico con amor (CD) * Musical Collection (Double CD) * Music of Richard Clayderman (LP / 33T) * My Australian Collection (CD) * My Bossa Nova Favourites (CD) * My Classic Collection (CD) * My favourite Oldies (2 CD SET) * Mysterious Eternity (CD) * New (2005) * New era (CD + VCD) * Number 1 Hits (Double CD) * On TV (CD) * Omaggio (CD) * Piano et orchestre (CD Version of the Debut Album) * null Piano moods (Double CD) * Plays Abba (CD) * Premiers chagrins d'Elsa, Les (1983, LP/33T) * Quel gran genio del mio amico... (CD) * Remembering the Movies (CD) * Rendez-vous (Produced by COBA) * Rêveries (LP / 33T) * Rêveries No.2 (CD) * Richard Clayderman (1977 Debut album) (LP / 33T) * Richard Clayderman (1982) (LP / 33T) * Richard Clayderman in Concert - Japan (Video) * Richard Clayderman in Concert - England (Video) * Richard Clayderman Plays Abba, The Hits (CD) * Romance and the piano of Richard Clayderman (CD) * Romantic (CD) * Romantic America (Canadian Release) (CD) * Romantic Dreams (CD) * Romantic Nights (CD) One of a 10xCD compilation set from St Clair. * Rondo pour un tout petit enfant (CD) * Scandinavian Collection (CD) * Serenade de l'etoile (Coup de Coeur) (CD) * Smiling Joey (CD Single) * Songs of Love (CD) * Souvenirs (CD) * Stage and Screen (CD) * Sweet Memories (Cassette) * Sweet Memories (LP / 33T) * Tango (CD) * Thailand mon Amour (CD) * The best 100 (CD 2006) * Together (CD) * Together at Last (CD) * Träumereien 3 (CD) * Träummelodien (CD) * Treasury of love (CD) One of a 10xCD compilation set from St Clair. * Turquie mon amour (CD) * Two Together (CD) * Ultimate Collection (4xCD) * Very best of Richard Clayderman (CD) * Very best of Richard Clayderman (DISKY) (3 x CD) * What a wonderful World (2 CD SET) * When a man loves a woman (CD) * When love songs were love songs (CD) * With Love (1988) (LP / 33T) * With Love (1997) (CD) * With Love (1999) (CD) * World Tour (CD) * Zodiacal Symphony (CD) ----