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That you killed someone.

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Q: What does it mean to have an unshaded teardrop tattoo?
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What does a tattoo of an eye with a teardrop coming from it mean?

It means that you have a tattoo of an eye with a teardrop...

What does a teardrop tattoo under the left eye symbolize?

The person with the teardrop tattoo killed someone.

Does the jackets with spiderwebs on them mean that someone killed somebody?

possibly. a spider web tattoo definitely does. as does a teardrop tattoo in the corner of someone's eye.

What does a teardrop tattoo and a heart tattoo next to it mean?

Well, a teardrop tattoo on one's face, like where a real tear would drip, is usually adorning the face of a killer. Alot of inmates get teardrops, each standing for a person they have killed. The heart I'm not so sure about.

What does a teardrop tattoo means under your eye?

A teardrop tattoo under the eye for gang members means the person has killed before. Some people do have the tattoo and has never committed murder.

What does teardrop tattoo under left eye mean?

1 tear drop = 10 years in prison

What does a red teardrop tattoo mean?

means that that person has lost a loved one. regardless of color of the tear drop.

Meaning of teardrop prison tattoos?

A "prison tattoo" of a teardrop, usually on the face near the eye, represents death - either caused by or witnessed by the person wearing the tattoo.

Why do chola's have a teardrop tattoo?

typically it is because they lost someone close to them but in some cases it could mean that they have killed someone

What does a teardrop tattoo mean?

it means you killed someone or tried or you lost a loved one. Many people think it means that the person has killed someone but that's NOT true. The teardrop means the person has lost someone they have loved. (hence the teardrop represents sadness and grief)

What does a blue teardrop tattoo below the eye mean?

It usually means you've murdered someone or done a rlly serious crime

What is the Significance of a teardrop tattoo on the neck?

It means getting high and smoking weed.