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Easy, some like it some dont, its obviously very restraining but its nice when you trust the person, it gives a feeling of release. But its very exhilarating and intense. But its something hard to explain so I say try it and use a safe word,

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Q: What does it feel like to be tied and gagged for fun bondage?
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yes jaden was hand gagged and tied up in yugioh gx manga yugioh gx manga vol 1 is when jaden is hand gagged gx manga vol3 is when jaden is tied up he yet to be gagged with tape or so but mybe he will be tied up agian and gagged at the some time

What is anime bondage?

Anime bondage is like when someone is kidnapped and is tied up but in anime form

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Do women enjoy being bound and gagged for pleasure?

yes! They injoy there time tied and gagged.

Has Kristin Kreuk Been Gagged?

She's been tied up, but sadly she's not been gagged..

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Of course not. If you like to do that its fine.

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in the lost Pokemon episodes in jp may and max are tied up tape gagged and have no shoes and socks on there feet and they are tickled on there feet by team rocket and then there in episode where max is tied up and gagged in a chair with his sister may and there one where dawn is tied up in rope and tape gagged

Is there a video of Jessica Alba in flipper tied up and gagged is there a link?

she is gagged in machete(first film) and "in to the blue"

Did jaden yuki get tied up or gagged or tickled or hand gagged or kidnap in yugioh epsidoe movie or magna?