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Q: Is Sakura tied up in rope her bare feet tickled and tape gagged by Li and is Sakura hog tied to a chair beat up and punched in the mouth and stomach?
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Dos sakura get tied up in rope and tickled on her beer feet by li and tape gagged by li and is sakura tied to a chair dos sakura get hog tied dos sakura get beat up and punched in the mouth and stomac?

What the hell is wrong with you.

Werere can you get pictures of sakura kinomoto tied up in rope tape gagged and beer feet and skaura chair tied gagged and get her toes and feet tickled and sakura traped in a net and skaura warpped up?

I think you will have to draw it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ya U HAVE TO DRAW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Did you draw it already?no i suck at draw

Did jaden yuki get tied up or gagged or tickled or hand gagged or kidnap in yugioh epsidoe movie or magna?


Has Sakura Haruno ever been gagged?

No, but she was Handgagged by Sasuke in the Forbidden Forest

Ds digimon mimi Sora ruki kari juri or Zoe get tied up or gagged or tickled or be beer feet on the show or chair tied or hand gagged?

No but that would kick ass.

Did may get gagged and tied up with tape and was her feet tickled in Pokemon?

Yup right after she stripped naked for Girls gone wild.

In what episode is may and max kidnap and tied up and tape gagged and have ther sohes and socks rovemed by team rocket?

in the lost Pokemon episodes in jp may and max are tied up tape gagged and have no shoes and socks on there feet and they are tickled on there feet by team rocket and then there in episode where max is tied up and gagged in a chair with his sister may and there one where dawn is tied up in rope and tape gagged

Does Yugi or Mokuba get chair tied or hogtied?

yes. mokuba has been chair tied once in the series maga and he has his mouth gagged with duck tape and yugi is hog tied and gagged in maga by mokuba for beating is bro yugi chiar tied and socks gagged and beer feet with mokuba in maga and i he yugi is tied up gagged and tickled by rebecca in maga when did this happen?

Is there an episode were dawn from Pokemon gets tickled gagged?

I know every episode,and yes,there is an epsode were dawn gets tickled. on her feet she tied up by them rocketReally? What is the name of the episode. Please tell me.if i can rember it was my brother that show me it i dont see him that offfin il try ask him then il lut you no ok and whan i no i gave you my emil ok but what i dont no is ifthere in episode where dawn is tied up i need to no i form my brother but i need to no of there noe whan she not tickled but tied up or gagged or trap in a net or hand gagged ir warpped pu in webIf that episode really exists please post it to the and this is the siliest questin but theree is no eepisode

What actors and actresses appeared in Bound and Gagged 3 - 1992?

The cast of Bound and Gagged 3 - 1992 includes: Aisha Hahn Marie Westbrook

Where can you get pictures of sakura kinomoto tied up?

photobucket da ok thanks is there any pcis if her chair tied ro tied up gagged bare feet on there

Where is Selena gomez gagged?

Where is Selena Gomez gagged? what? GAGGED? That sentence makes NO sense!