What does gakure mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It doesn't really have a true meaning. In the anime and manga series Naruto, it is used as a suffix for the names of the hidden villages, i.e. Konohagakure. Most likely, it was taken from "kakusa reta" which means "hidden." The "ku" and "re" were probably combined to create "kure." Added with "ga," it would translate to "the hidden." So, therefore, when added as a suffix to Konoha, it would become "the hidden leaf village."

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Q: What does gakure mean?
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What does the Japanese word gakure mean in English?

If you're possibly referring to the style of naming for Hidden Ninja Villages in Naruto manga/anime series, the word 'gakure' originates from 'kakusu'/'kakureru'. Kakusu means 'to hide', kakureru means 'to be hidden' and 'kakure' means 'concealed, hidden within'.When the word 'kakure' is preceded by another word the 'ka' syllable turns to 'ga' (recieves a dakuten (voiced consonant marker in shape of ") and thus you hear e.g. Konoha Gakure, instead of Konoha Kakure [かくれ -> がくれ]). In total, a name such as "Konoha Gakure no Sato" means literally "The Villaged Concealed Amongst the Leaves of the Trees", or more simply, Hidden Konoha Village.

Are Shippuden and Garra brothers?

No they are not. Gaara is from Suna Gakure (Village Hidden in the Sand) and Naruto is obviously from Konoha Gakure (Village Hidden in the Leaves), therefore, they cannot be brothers. Also more proof is that Naruto shows no relation to Temari and Kankurou whatsoever and that Naruto's father is the forth Hokage and Gaara's father was the Third Kazekage.

What is the name of the Hokage of village of fire?

The village that Naruto comes from is called Konoha (gakure) and is located in the land of fire.

What does konohamaru mean in English?

Konoha literally means leaf or leaves (of a tree), which in Naruto is the name of the village which Naruto lives in. Symbolically called konoha gakure no sato in the series (literally means: the village hidden amongst the foliage).Maru could mean a wide range of things such as "wholeness, perfection, purity, circle, seduction".I leave the combining of meanings to you, but e.g one set could be the perfection of konoha.If you are following the series you might have noticed somewhere in the flow of the sotry where the 3rd Hokage explains the somehwat philosophical 'relation' of "fire" and "leaves" (name of the main country and it's shinobi village in the anime), and he insists on it repeating as in a circle. So the idea 'circle of Konoha' also wouldn't feel too far.

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