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electronic delivery means its sent to you by computer like if u bought a song its downloaded meaning electronic delivery or if u buy a refill card for prepaid phone the pin is sent to your email meaning electronic delivery

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Q: What does electronic delivery mean?
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How does Google get products to the customers?

Electronic delivery through the Internet.

What Does E.F.I. Mean It Is From Saturn 1.9L.?

E.F.I. means Electronic Fuel Injection. Jamison here, That's the standard fuel delivery system these days, Its nothing special.

What has the author Yuri Gates written?

Yuri Gates has written: 'Electronic document delivery'

What is the definition of the term recorded delivery?

The definition of the term 'recorded delivery' is a post office service that keeps electronic or physical records of when and how a package was delivered.

What is mean by delivery challan?

Same as 'delivery note'.

What has the author John Gurnsey written?

John Gurnsey has written: 'Electronic publishing trends in the United States and Europe' -- subject(s): Document delivery, Electronic publishing

What advancements in the music industry ha preserved resources and reduced waste?

The development of electronic delivery systems.

What is the definition of electronic channels?

Electronic channels refers to all the service innovations that is presently taking place in the service delivery part of banking industry. It may include ATMs, online banking or electronic banking and so on.

What do Internet users call the normal mail?

Snail Mail - Physical delivery of mail, as contrasted with electronic mail.

What is the name of delivery of education via some electronic method such as the Internet or networks or optical discs?


What does the term Electronic media mean?

what is the difnition of electronic media

What does etc on a vehicle mean?

Electronic Throttle Control or Electronic Timing Control