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The delivery of the object of the contract of sale takes place by the mere consent or agreement of the contracting parties as when the vendor merely points to the thing sold which shall thereafter be at the control and the disposal of the vendee.

It is also called the delivery by long hand.

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delivery with a short hand

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Q: What does the word traditio brevi manu mean?
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What is the base word for traditionally?

The base word is tradition from the Latin word "traditio," in the sense that it meant handing down doctrine (beliefs).

What does the prefix manu means?

The word manu means hand.

What if the Maori word for bird?


What is the maori word for bird?

Manu it is.

What is the Latin word for maintain?

manu tenēre

What is the Hawaiian word for bird?

bird = manu

What is the Samoan translation for the English word animal?


How manu syllables does the word thor have?

Thor is one syllable.

What is the Hawaiian word for stingray?

stingray = hīhīmanu

What is the root word of amanuensis?

The root word of "amanuensis" is "amānū".

What is 'manu et scientifica' in English?

By force and scientific* ... is the English equivalent of 'manu et scientifica'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'manu' means 'by force'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The adjective 'scientifica' means 'scientific'. *The phrase is incomplete. The adjective 'scientific' needs to modify a noun.

Is man and manu greek or Latin?

Latin, from the word for "hand," manus.