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A digipak is a type of CD case meant to replace the standard jewel case. Digipak uses less plastics so it is more environmental. One advantage of digipak over jewel case is it doesn't break as easily as jewel case. With proper design a digipak can look more classic and deliveries the premium packaging impression. Examples of digipak can be found at

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Q: What does digipak in music means?
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Where can one find information about a Digipak?

To find information about a Digipak, one can visit the Wikipedia website where it contains information on the history and features. Images of a Digipak can be found on Google Images.

What is a digipak CD?

A digipak has the size and look of a CD jewel case but it is made of paper stock with a plastic tray glued to hold the CD. With a typical clear tray, a digipak has 4-panels for putting the artwork on. One advantage of digipak over jewel case is that it has better shock absorption than jewel case. When a jewel case is dropped it breaks. But a digipak will still be in one piece even it is dropped. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Follow the link below to the digipak gallery.

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