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Q: WHAT Music term means THE SAME?
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What does the music term cantando mean?

It means the same as the word Cantabile which means 'in a singing style'.

What is homophony?

Homophony is a term in music that means that a few instruments or voices sing or play the same meslodic line

The term Piano in music?

The term piano means the section of music is more quietly played.

Music term decrescendo mean?

decresendo is where the music becomes softer. It is an Italian word meaning growing softer. hope that helpedIt means gradually getting quieter (diminuendo means the same). Crescendo means gradually getting louder.

What does Taal means in Indian music?

'Tāl' or 'Taal'; literally means a 'clap', is the term used in for the rhythm in Indian music.

What does mp mean in music term?

It means "moderately soft".

What is tierany form in music?

The term is "ternary," which means there are three sections in a piece. The 1st and 3rd are often similar, if not the same, with a contrasting middle section.

What does cantabile in music means?

"Cantabile" is a musical term that means "As if sung." More importantly, it does not mean sung in a punchy fashion, but more of a flowing opera song, which was the rock music of the time that this term was made. The musical term "Cantabile" is commonly mistaken for the spelling, "Contabile" which, in Italian means "Accountant."

What is the musical term for sound?

Music. Incidentally, it is also the lay-man's term for the same.

What does tone mean in music term?

I think it means a particular pitch

What is the musical term for organised sound?

Music. Incidentally, it is also the lay-man's term for the same.

What is the musical term in music that starts with a f that means to play loudly?

Fortissimo means to play loudly.