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Q: What does chizz mean?
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7 stone 9 year girl?

yup no chizz.

What is Aunt Artic's pass?

HER PASS IS aANEWSatCpISLANDClubpenguin Expert Improved This Because THIS IS FAKE CHIZZ!

What does the word chizz mean?

It means like no way calm down or the real definition means Really in a sarcastic forgone don't listen to that slang dictionary because older people typed that out.

Did the blackfoot Indians have gods and if so what were they?

yea ur fat ugly mom woh dude calm ur chizz

How long with lockerz take to ship to Chicago?

It is 2 weeks in the US If anyone needs an invite e-mail

What is Beyonce's saljo full name?

her full name is: Beyonce' Giselle Knowles for the duche bags dnt know whut the chizz they talkin bout! >:(

How much is an iPod Touch 32GB on lockerz?

A 32gb ipod touch is 700ptz if anyone needs an invite e-mail

How do you mix the jet pack fuel?

Super easy chizz! All you gotta do is pour it in the machine where you find the goggles. I can't believe you don't know this!

Does Justin Bieber brush his teeth twice a day?

No he does not brush his teeth 2 times a day Only 3 times a month TRUE CHIZZ!!

How many points does a PS3 cost on lockerz?

It cost 900ptz its a ps3 slim 250gb if anyone needs an invite e-mail

Why do people praise lebron so much for only having one game-winning buzzer beater whil Kobe has way more?

i think Kobe is a A** whole an Lebron is da chizz and the answer to your question is that Kobe Acts like a snob win Lebron plays wit heart and that's his Passion when Kobe just wants fame and money and they don't praise Lebron for a buzzer beater or Kobe for many more and they are 2 of the best players in da NBA but just cuz u got game don't mean chizz u gotta have heart

Is the sentence what is an convenient time that I may give you a call correct?

Did you know, Mom, Dad, And race car spelled backwards is still mom, dad, and race car? No CHIZZ