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Non-commercial refers to an activity or an entity which does not, involve commerce, at least relative to similar activities that do have a commercial objective or emphasis.

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Q: What does be it for commercial and non-commercial purposes?
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What a Different between commercial foodservice and non commercial foodservice?

Noncommercial foodservice prepares and serves food for another establishment in support of the establishment. A cafeteria in a hospital or university is a noncommercial foodservice. An example is a contractor that operates foodservice for a company.

How databases are used by both commercial and noncommercial organizations?

how databases are used by both commercial and non commercial organisations.

What is the difference between commercial and noncommercial advertising?

a commercial is used to persuade viewers to buy the product they are trying to sell

The first amendment does not protect commercial speech as extensively as noncommercial speech?

"The protection given to the commercial speech under the First Amendment is not as extensive as that afforded to noncommercial speech, however." -Business Law Today 9th Edition Miller & Jentz pg 18

How many aircraft and aeroplanes are there in the world total commercial and noncommercial?

Probably around 3 million aircraft

What is independent caterers?

Independent Catering is under the Commercial Segment, traditionally considered the for profit operations. Management Catering has three segments Commercial Segment, Noncommercial Segment and the Military Segment.

Is converting dvds onto your ipod illegal?

Noncommercial DVD: Do anything with it as you like. Commercial DVD: Convert your own DVD for your own, it's fine.

What is non-commercial recreation?

Noncommercial recreation includes voluntary organization, campus, armed forces, and employee recreation, as well as recreation for special populations.

When is a vehicle considered a commercial vehicle?

When it is used for commercial purposes.

Is True Refrigeration the best for commercial purposes?

You do have several choices for commercial purposes. True Refrigeration would be the best in my opinion.

What are the commercial purposes for killing animals?

They bascially kill animals for money. Poaching and Bushmeat trading are some of the commercial purposes for killing of animals.

What is commercial foodservice?

Commercial food services are food service operations found in lodging properties, clubs, restaurants, and other business that exist to make a profit from the sales of food and beverage products(opposite of noncommercial food service)