What does aro say to edward?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He says that because edward wont join him his powers are "such a waist"

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Q: What does aro say to edward?
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What does Aro say in Italian after Bella asks him to kill her not Edward?

'la tua cantante', which is 'my singer' in English

What is the answer to what drives edward phase 6?


Edward was talking to which Volturi in new moon?


In New Moon who does edward fight in the volturi and who wins?

Edward doesn't fight anyone physically. Jane uses her powers on him. Aro reads his mind. Felix and Demetri bring him to Aro and his brothers.

Does aro help Edward and Bella or not?

its more of threatening than helping

What page in new moon is it when aro speaks Italian to edward?


How do you solve phase 6 in what drives edward?

Spell out ARO with the red vampires

What is the translation of sentence Aro says to Edward after fight scene?

it means singer because Bella's blood sings to edward

How do you say hoop in spanish?


What do the volturi say in the credits for the movie breaking dawn?

Aro says"Ah theres a letter from carlisle." Its spelt with a "s" ."It seems Bella is married to edward." (somert like that) Then it says some thing about her having the baby , then Aro says " It seems they have some thing i want"

Who is Aro's mate?

Aro's mate is Sulpicia, who is also a member of the Volturi coven in the Twilight series. She is depicted as being extremely loyal to Aro and is a member of the guard.

Who is techneclly oldest in twilight?

The oldest character in the Twilight series is Aro, who is one of the leaders of the Volturi. Aro is one of the original vampires and has lived for thousands of years.