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A marketing manager for theatre manages all of the coordination for press, ads (radio, tv, & print), coordination of graphic design, programs, marketing materials (like a brochure with all the information about the plays in it). Also, they often manage the website for the theatre as it is also a marketing tool. That is just a general answer and often it will depend more on what the specific theatre will delegate to the Marketing Manager.

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¢Over see all ticket sales,

¢Hire, train and supervise Box Office staff

¢Manage and control any public complaints

¢Reconciling any issues between ticket sales and the financial department i.e. shortages or overcharges in cash tills.

¢Work and liaise with the marketing or advertising departments to evaluate the success of various marketing campaigns.

¢They may Book, assist and greet large groups of customers to the theatre

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The production manager is overall in charge of a production. They are in charge of hiring, firing and supervising all members of staff. They will ensure that all staff are well trained and that all health and safety procedures are being followed. They will also create risk assessments.

The production manager will work out the overall budget and provide each department with their own budget.

The production manager oversees all important decisions made throughout the process of putting on a production and will liaise between certain departments - they will work especially closely with the technical stage manager (if there is one) to ensure all technical aspects go according to plan.

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a box offic sells tickets to a show or dance etc and also designs the tickets and leflets

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Q: What does a theatre box office manager do?
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The box office manager handles the ticket sales in theatres. They are also the ones who sustain the database of the ticketing structure and the promotions.

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The box office manager handles the ticket sales in theatres. They are also the ones who sustain the database of the ticketing structure and the promotions.

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