What does a gondolier do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They can either fish or transport passengers form this place to this place.They even join races!

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It's More Fun In The Philippines!

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Q: What does a gondolier do?
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What do you call the singer on a gondola?

Gondola pusher. If the singer is the person rowing the gondola, the singer is the gondolier. The passengers could also sing.

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What is a gondolier? that's a sentence

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What do you call a venetian boatman?


What is the name of the operator of a gondola in Venice?

A gondolier

What do you call a guys who rows a gondola?

A gondolier.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Girl and the Gondolier - 1914?

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What is a gondola driver called in Venice?

A gondolier. It is an Italian word.

What does barcarolle mean in orchestra?

Barcarolle in music is in reference to a Venetian gondolier's song.