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good, i guess. wierd question.

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Q: What does Taylor Lautner smell like?
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Is Taylor Lautner greasy?

Yes. I can smell him from England.

What does Taylor Lautner's house look like?

It is unknown of what Taylor Lautner's house looks like.

What food does Taylor Lautner like?

Taylor Lautner's facorite food is steak.

What does Taylor Lautner like to eat?

Taylor Lautner likes to eat chocolate

Does Taylor Lautner like Mexicans?

No he is Native American and Japanese (mostly)

What is Taylor Lautner full name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner Taylor Daniel Lautner

Who does selena gomez like more Justin Bieber or Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner Of Course

What is Taylor Lautner's real name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner is Taylor Lautner's full birth name; his real name is Taylor Lautner.

Does Taylor Lautner like anyone?

taylor swift

Does Taylor Lautner like Muslims?

It is very possible that Taylor Lautner likes Muslim girls.He has never stated he did not like them.

Does Taylor lautnner like kids?

does Taylor lautner like kids

What is Taylor Lautner favortive tv show?

taylor lautner like is a jackie chan adventures,kiteretsu