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She is the rejected daughter

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Q: What does Meg Griffin mainly do on family guy?
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How do you draw Meg Griffin from Family Guy?

Just Google How to Draw Meg Griffin

What is Meg Griffin's gender from Family Guy?

Meg is a female.

Who does Milan klunis play in family guy?

Meg Griffin

Who is Ronald Griffin on the family guy?

its meg, just grown up and now she's a guy

Im family guy who is the Griffin FIRST child?

Meg is their oldest child.

What monster will Meg Griffin be in the next Family Guy Star Wars movie?

Meg was the Sarlacc Pit in It's a Trap

What are the names of the Griffin family to the second generation?

To the second generation? You mean from the very start of their lineage or from the Griffin family we know from Family Guy? Peter & Lois Griffin then Meg, Chris & Stewie Griffin and the next generation.

How old is meg Simpson?

There is no "Meg Simpson", but there is Maggie Simpson, (The Baby) Marge Simpson, (The Mother) and Meg Griffin from Family Guy. Meg is a teenager about 16 and goes to high school.

Did Brittany Murphy voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy?

No, never. She voiced Luanne on King of the Hill

What is all of Lois Griffin's kids?

Lois Griffin from the TV show "Family Guy" has three children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Meg is the eldest and the only daughter, while Chris and Stewie are her two sons.

What episode is it when Peter griffin joins the rodeo on family guy?

Season 8, ep. 11, "Dial Meg for Murder"

Will Quagmire do Meg Griffin?

It is impossible to know what the writers have planned but at least for the episode 'Meg and Quagmire' he did not. Perhaps the makers of Family Guy will revisit the 2 of them but as I said, it it is impossible to know that.