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The name "Longines" is the oldest registered trademark in Switzerland, and comes from the farming field "es longines" next to the Suze river in the Jura mountain, where André Agassiz established his workshop.

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Q: What does Longines mean on a watch?
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What watch has ngin in it?


How do you can tell if a Longines watch is genuine?

You can be sure you are buying a genuine Longines watch if you follow these steps:Only buy a LONGINES watch from authorized Longines retailersBe sure to ask for the credit-card size guarantee, duly completed with the serial number, the watch reference and the retailer's full name and address.

Where can a person go to find deals on watches made by Longines?

A watch made by Longines is considered a luxury watch and there are not many deals on luxury watches. Most fine jewelry stores sell watches made by Longines so perhaps one could wait for a sale at the jewelry store and hope a Longines watch would be part of the items on sale.

What brand of watch has wings logo?

longines breitling

Are longines watches expensive?

Longines watches are apart of the swatch group company. Longines as a very long history in watch making and some believe the 50's were there golden years. They are great watches and priced fairly for the quality and history. 1.3k+ is the starting price for a longines.

How many grams of gold in 14k longines gold watch?

the price of gold value is $1127.3652

What is the value of a Longines watch with a gold square face gold and mesh braclet?

I was at the jewelry store, the owner showed me a old Longines square mens wrist watch 18 karat gold ( manual winding).asking $ 5500 Canadian dollars today Sept 18, 2009.

When was Longines created?

Longines was created in 1832.

What is the population of Longines?

Longines's population is 2,009.

What is the value of a longines 1900 pocket watch?

Will depend on exact model, baase metal, and condition, Value is best dteermined by a jeweler that can see the watch- we can't.

What is the motto of Longines?

Longines's motto is 'Elegance is an attitude'.

What is a longines hydro conquest used for?

This is a forum site and it explains a ton about longines hydroconquest. I do not know much about longines hydroconquest either.