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"Peeta Mellark! Oh no, I think. Not him. Because I recognize this

name, although I have never spoken directly to it's owner. Peeta

Mellark. No, the odds are not in my favor today."

Page 25 (direct quote from book)

Katniss is shocked because she recognizes the name, and feels scared because Peeta saved her life before (by giving her the bread) and she is thinking how she will have to fight him in the Hunger Games.

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That Peeta was dead.

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Q: What does Katniss think about Peeta after hearing the first canon shot?
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What first does Katniss have?

A kiss with peeta

Did petta liked katniss back?

Peeta loved Katniss first

Why does Peeta really love Katniss and he declares it in the interview?

Ever since Peeta first saw Katniss he was in love with her. Katniss's' first memory of him was when she was starving and she tried looking for food in Peeta's family's bins. His mother chased her away put Peeta purposely burnt a loaf of bread so Katniss could have it. Peeta tells Katniss in the 74th Hunger Games that he remembers that in assembly Katniss was the first to volunteer to sing a song. He declares it in the interview to help Katniss in the arena an made her look more vulnerable. Katniss takes this offensively and accidently injures Peeta. Haymitch then convinces Katniss that this was a good thing.

When did Katniss fall in love with Peeta Mellark?

Peeta fell in love with Katniss when they were young, and Katniss didn't return the feelings. Peeta was in love with Katniss before the story started, and Katniss began to like him back during the "cave scene" near the middle of the first novel.

How did Peeta and Katniss firs meet?

on the first day of schoool!! xDD TEAM Peeta <3333333

When Since when has Peeta had a crush on Katniss?

Peeta has had a crush on Katniss every since the first day of kindergarten.

Who does katniss love first?

It would seem as if she loved Gale first and then Peeta.

Do Peeta and Katniss ever kiss?

That's all they did in the first book.

What happened the first time peeta and katniss kissed?

* Sparks flew *

What does Peeta Mellark hope to gain?

Peeta hopes (in the first book) to end up with Katniss out of the arena. At this stage, the audience is on the side of Gale who is obviously a better choice for Katniss.

How much does Katniss love Peeta Mellark?

Katniss doesn't relize it at first but she loves him more than gale.

Who survives in The Hunger Games?

In the first book, Katniss and Peeta both survive because Katniss pulls out poisonous berries (referred to as nightlock) and gives half of them to Peeta, telling him that if they both can't live, then niether of them should. In Catching Fire, Finnick, Beetee, Enobaria, Johanna, Katniss, and Peeta all survive because Katniss blew up the force field to the arena.