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Jack and two of his tribe (Roger and Maurice) raid Ralph's shelter and steal Piggy's glasses. They do this because they have nothing to light their own fires with and also as an act of power, a deliberate provocation.

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Q: What does Jacks tribe do in chapter 10 and why?
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In an argument with jack Ralph accuses him of breaking the rules what is jacks reply in chapter 5?

jack takes the hunters and creates their own"tribe".

What tribe did Sam Houston join?

jacks tribe on ch. 11

What are jacks's plans for his tribe?

Jack plans to be more harsh as he dictates his tribe.

How do the boys in jacks tribe protect castle rock?

They have spears

What is the speech piggy gives to jacks tribe?

hubba hubaba

In Lord of the Flies chapter 10 who are the main boys in Ralph's tribe?

Ralph does not have a 'tribe.' Jack calls his group of hunters his tribe but Ralph has no name for the boys who originally elected him as their chief. By chapter 10: the only named biguns who still remain near the shelters with Ralph are Piggy and the Twins, Samneric.

Why is chapter 10 in lord of the flies called The Shell and The glasses?

Because in the end of the chapter, Jack's tribe attacks Ralphs tribe. Piggy thought they were after the conch (The Shell) but instead, they stole Piggy's glasses for fire usage (The Glasses)

When was Brian Jacks born?

Brian Jacks was born on 1946-10-05.

What were samneric doing in the beginning of the chapter 10 Of Lord of the flies?

At the end of chapter eleven samneric were taken by Jack and his tribe and forced to join Jack's tribe. In twelve they have to work with the tribe to try and find Ralph on the island. Nothing real serious happens to them. they don't get hurt of killed.

What does jacks tribe steal from ralphs tribe?

They took Piggy's glasses, and fire from Ralph's camp.

What weapon does Jack's tribe have to protect the entrance of the castle rock in chapter 10 in lord of the flies?

A large rock that can dislodge if intuders come in

In the lord of the flies who has not joined jacks group yet?

In the book The Lord of the Flies by chapter 9 Ralph, Piggy, and the twins are the people who have not joined Jack's group. After the twins are captured and Piggy is killed that leaves Ralph as the one person who is not a part of Jack's tribe.