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Jack says that the littluns were cry babies and sissies for being afraid of beasts hat weren't even on the island.

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it's stupid

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Q: What does Jack have to say about the littluns' fear?
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What are the feeling that the littluns had?


How do Ralph and jack differences in they way that they talk to the littleness?

Well Ralph is more of a caring person and focuses on getting rescued and is nicer to the littluns and tells them there is no beastie. Jack is more wild and focused on hunting and tells the littluns that if there is a beastie we will hunt it down and kill it so that gives the littluns fear of there still being a beast, and that's not what they need in such a time of loneliness.

What does jack have to say about the littleuns fear in chapter 5?


How does jack's feeling of being hunted relate to the littluns in the lord of the flies?

I have the answer!

In Lord of the Flies are the choir boys the littluns?

No, Jack's choir may vary in age but they later become Jack's hunters. The true littluns don't hunt, they spend most of their time eating, sleeping and playing.

The number of characters in the Lord of the Flies?

Ralph, Jack, Roger, Piggy, Simon, Samn'Eric, Percival Wemys Madison, The littluns', Naval officer. Total characters: 9 + littluns'

Why does jack wants other to fear a beast?

I have read the book recently and I don't think Jack and Ralph believe in the beast. They don't think its actually real, but the idea of the beast existing scares them. Jack even says(to cover his fear) that he and his hunters would find the beast and kill it in Ch.5. So, technically, they are scared but they don't show it as much as the littluns because they are older.

In Lord of the Flies how are the littluns?

The littluns represent regular, ordinary people in the world. Ralph and Jack are both leaders and one of them needs the support of the littluns to remain in leadership. The littluns are described as living life one day at a time and having fun, while Ralph and Simon build the huts and Jack and his hunters hunt and man the fire. The littluns need Ralph and Jack as leaders just like the general population needs leaders like presidents.

Identify all the character in the Lord of the Flies?

Sam'n'Erik,Jack,Ralph,Simon,Roger,Piggy,Wilfred,and the Littluns. Your welcome :)

Who doesn't like the littluns in lotf?

Noone expressly dislikes them, however Jack at one point wants to kill one out of bloodlust

Who killed Simon in the Lord of the Flies?

Jack, Roger, and the Littluns kill Simon when he shows up to warn them.

Who are the littluns in modern society?

The littluns in Lord of the Flies are the symbol of commen folk.