What does Ichibi mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It means "one tail" or "one tailed"

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Q: What does Ichibi mean?
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What is the ichibi in Naruto?

I keep messing this up!!! Ichibi is Shukauku the one-tailed biju.

What are the names of the bijuu?

Kyuubi - Kurama Yonbi - Son Goku Ichibi - Shukaku

Who is garaa's tailed beast which is sealed in him?

Ichibi no Shukaku is gaara's tailed beast which is sealed in him

What episode is Naruto vs Gaara in Ichibi mode?

I think it was episodes 33-37

Is Tobi a beast name?

No it is not. If you are referring to the episode where Tobi was with Didara in the dango shop when he said "Ichibi, Nibi, Tobi!" then no it was just Tobi being stupid.

What is the one tail in naruto?

The One Tail is Shukaku (aka Ichibi no Shukaku). Its the Tanuki that possesses (possessed, if you're far enough into Shippuden) Gaara of the Sand. ^^

What has the author Misato Hamada written?

Misato Hamada has written: 'Uo o ichibi, sabaketara!?' -- subject(s): Cookery (Fish), Cookery, Japanese, Japanese Cookery

Where are the bijuu sealed?

Where the Bijuu are sealed is really only depending on which group you're talking about. In the Akatsuki, Pein summons the King of Hell statues to hold the bijuu until they're ready to be used. In the villages, they seal the bijuu into children who they think can hold the bijuu. If they cannot find a suitable host for the bijuu, then they seal the bijuu into an object. In example, the Ichibi was sealed into a pot until they inserted the Ichibi directly into Gaara, who was still in his mother's womb. Hope I helped. >3>

Who kilt Gaara?

in shippuden, the ichibi is removed by akotski, which results in his death, but he is brought back to life with the technique of one of the sand village elders with narutos help. the tecnique can only be used by her and she dies using it

What happened to Gaara without the kyubi?

Gaara does not and never had Kyuubi (Nine-Tails). That is Naruto's Jinchuuriki. Gaara has the Ichibi (One-Tails). And Sasori's grandmother, Chiyo, brings him back to life at the cost of her own.

What are the names of the demons from Naruto?

Ichibi - Shukaku - Raccon Dog Nibi - Nekomata - Cat Sanbi - Isonade - Turtle Yonbi - Sokou - Reptile Gobi - Houkou - Dog Rokubi - Raijuu - Weasel Shichibi - Kaku - Badger Hachibi - Hachimata - Octopus Kyuubi - Youko - Fox

Is shukaku stronger than kyuubi?

Nope. Kyuubi is the strongest. The Bijuu's level of power comes from the amount of tails they have, 1 being the weakest and 9 being the strongest. Shukaku is the weakest, as he is the Ichibi (1-Tail). Kyuubi literally translates as "9-Tails" which is what the English version calls him.