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I think it was episodes 33-37

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Q: What episode is Naruto vs Gaara in Ichibi mode?
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What episode does naruto train for sage mode?

He travel to the toad mountains in Naruto Shippuden 154 to learn sage mode

What episode will naruto go sage mode again other then the ones with pain?

naruto faces pain in episode 430 Naruto's Return

Is Gaara stronger than Naruto?

gaara and naruto are basicly the same ppl they r the same level. even tho naruto gave the last hit doesnt mean he won the fight he just simply stopped gaara from killing sasuke and sakura not really gaara was beaten because didnt he release his full power during the fight and naruto still took him down also if it wasnt 4 sasuke stopping naruto from killing gaara wh at would happen? ______________________________________________________________ In their debut, Gaara could kill Naruto easily During the Chunin Exams, Naruto and Gaara are about equal. If it weren't for Sasuke stopping Naruto nothing would happen; Naruto was beyond exaustion he doesn't have energy to damage anything aside an ant. During the Sasuke Retrieval, Gaara was stronger, much stronger. (Albeit I don't include Naruto's 1-Tailed Form, it's cheating and from Kyuubi NOT Naruto). Even Naruto in his rampage mode wouldn't do anything to him. Kimimaro could've destroyed Naruto while he was sick and in normal form, while Gaara fended him even in his 2nd Stage. In the begginning of Shippuden, Gaara again was much stronger than him. Naruto wasn't all that tough back then, seriously. But now (I'm talking about the MANGA, sorry anime-fans for the lil spoiler), it is unconfirmed, as both of them isn't showing their all, but I will say they're ridiculously strong. So for now, don't confirm

When does naruto start training sage mode?

Yes naruto maters sage mode and then he kills four of pain bodies easily you said he did get sage mode but you did not what manga it was in it was in 45 i have it Yes he does. In the manga 45 and he starts sage training in episode 155

What episode is does naruto vs kiba in the chunin exams?

Naruto and Kiba are chosen to battle in the chunin exams at theend of episode 43. The fight begins on episode 44 and ends onepisode 45.Related QuestionsAsked in NarutoCan Kiba beat Naruto?User Avatarkiba faster stronger and he has akamaru but naruto beat him at the chunin exams but if kiba hit naruto just before he farted in his face in would of been over 4 naruto but kiba played around 2 much Maybe he could, but he no longer can. With sage mode and rasenshuriken, Naruto is practically invincible against him.456Asked in NarutoWhat episode is kiba vs Naruto in Naruto?User AvatarIt was during the preliminary rounds of the Chunin exam, the actual spans around two episodes: 44-451Asked in Naruto Video GamesHow do you beat kiba in part three of the chunin exams in Naruto path of ninja?User Avataruse naruto's naruto uzumaki barrage on him a couple times and then use multi shadow clones to take down akamaru.12Asked in NarutoWho was the first to fight in the Chunin Exams on Naruto?User AvatarIn the preliminaries, he fought Kiba. In the secondary round (main round) he fought Neji and won again. After Konoha was in attack, he fought Gaara and won.91011Asked in NarutoWhat episode does naruto fight kiba?User Avatarepisode 42 and it goes on234Asked in NarutoWhat did Hinata give Naruto during the Chunin Exam?User AvatarShe gave him a herb ointment to heal his injuries after his fight with Kiba.789Asked in NarutoWho did naruto first fight in chunin exam?User AvatarIn the first chunin exam i think the first person who Naruto fights no one........But in the second chunin exam I think naruto fights Orochimaru first................Then in the preliminaries of the third exam Naruto fights Kiba and Wins and in the last chunin exam Naruto fights Neji and wins............But when he fights Orochimaru in the second chunin exam he looses and sasuke doesn't loos but he doesn't win , Orochimaru just leaves. So yeaRead More567Asked in Naruto ShippudenWhen does kiba appear in naruto Shippuden?User AvatarKiba Inuzuka returns in Naruto Shippuden in episode 33. Also Akamaru, Hinata, and Shino return. The episode is called The New Target.789Asked in NarutoWhat did Hinata give naruto during the chunin exam preliminaries?User Avatarit was like a herb,, medicine to heal his wounds after the fight with kiba123Asked in NarutoIn Naruto does kiba beat Naruto?User AvatarNo he does not, Naruto takes out Kiba.111213Asked in NarutoIn the series Naruto when does Gaara come in and save Kiba?User AvatarThat episode does not exist.345Asked in Naruto, Birthdays, InuyashaWho is Kiba?User AvatarKiba is from the Hidden Leaf Village and is from the Inuzuka clan. Kiba always makes fun of Naruto but then Naruto beats Kiba in the Chunin exames. Kiba has a dog named Akamaru. He's a little, white dog with big bite. Kiba and Akamaru make a pretty good team. One of their strongest jutsus is the two headed wolf and wolf fang over fang. Kiba is one of those people who overestimates themselves.Read More212223Asked in Naruto, Naruto ShippudenWhat episode does naruto go on missions with kiba Hinata and shino?User AvatarA mission where.1 ;

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Who is your favorite chracter on Naruto Shippuden?

minato,gaara,naruto sage mode,sasori,

How do you unlock Gaara in Naruto ninja destiny?

Gaara: Complete Story Mode on hard. Guy: Complete Story Mode on easy or medium (forgot)

How do yo unlock Hinata and Gaara in Naruto Ultimate Ninja for Playstation 2?

Play Hinata's story and Gaara's story on story mode. Play Hinata's story and Gaara's story on story mode.

How do you unlock itachi Uchiha easier in Naruto ninja destiny Nintendo ds game?


How can i save Gaara in master mode in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4?

i think you cant

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm how do you get Gaara?

After defeating Deidara while progressing into the story mode.

What episode does naruto train for sage mode?

He travel to the toad mountains in Naruto Shippuden 154 to learn sage mode

Who is better Naruto or Gaara?

It really depends because Naruto and Gaara are evenly matched. Although, Naruto does have: 1. He has lots of chakra and power. 2. Naruto has mastered the beast within like Killer Bee without becoming psycho like Gaara used to be. 3. He has Rasenshuriken which is a forbidden justu cause its so powerful that it not only damages hes opponent drastically. 4. He has sage mode and his toads.

Is the nine tail fox in a cage in Naruto?

He can't control it but he can use it's chakra (if that's how you spell it). in one episode naruto asked the nine tailed fox for chakra as a rent for letting him stay in his body. So naruto can't control the nine tailed fox. Only until he reaches to three tails he can't control himself, and has no idea what he is doin...

What episode does naruto do his ultimate resengan?

Its in Episode 163. He threw it wind element rasen shuriken in senin mode

What shippuden episode does Naruto fight sasuke in sage mode?

They dont fight but s3x

What do you do after beating Gaara in naruto broken bonds for xbox360?

you go to the were the X mark on your map and head for the grasshills to protect naruto by using rock lee but if you mean on fighting mode just type in another question I will answer that