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She means that she isn't going to take a side.

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Q: What does Bella mean when she says ''for now on i am Switzerland''?
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In twilight when Bella says i love u to edward how does he respond?

He says "You are my life now"

When in twilight the book does edward tell Bella you are my life now?

In order for Twilight * Page 274 (Edward says it) * Page 314 (Bella says it) * Page 366 (Edward says it in many words) * Page 418 (Edward and Bella) * Page 456 (Edward says it) * Page 479 (Edward and Bella) * Page 498 (Bella says it)

When does Edward say You are my life now?

Edward Cullen says "You are my life now" to Bella Swan in the movie "Twilight" during a scene where he reveals his true identity as a vampire to her. He expresses his love and devotion to her in this moment.

In breaking dawn or it might be eclipse when Jacob turns up at the wedding what does he mean when he says i could kill you right now?

he really loves Bella still and he doesnt know that he is only loving Bella because of her future baby....... That's why he says that because he doesnt want to let her go but he knows he has too...

What does Bella say at the prom?

Bella says why didnt you let the venom spred? why didnt you let me become like you? edward says is that what you dream of becoming a monster?? Bella says im ready to become a vampire (edward almost bites her but just kisses her) edward says don't you just want to live a long happy life with me? balla says ok for now

Where does Bella keep the letter from Jacob in Eclipse?

In the beginning of Eclipse, Bella puts the letter from Jacob in her pocket. She says that she feels heavier now, that she thinks about it, as well.

How much does the gasoline in Switzerland now?

Switzerland, Geneva, $4.74

What does Bella say when edward has her against the tree and asks what is she thinking?

i think she says something like "now I'm afraid" but I'm not really shore

In breaking dawn is Bella mad at Jacob for showing up at her wedding?

no she is very happy and says her day is complete now all the people she loves are there

What was the capital city of Switzerland in 1914?

The capital of Switzerland in 1914 was the same as it is now, Bern.

What is the first thing Bella Swan said in New Moon?

"oops" is the first thing Bella says. When Bella awakes, she jumps up and gets scared when Edward touches her because she was expecting a cold hand. But when Edward touches her, it's normal but that's because she is cold now so they are the same temperature. She says "oops" because after she carelessly throws her arms around Edward and since she is stronger than him it hurts him a little. So after he says "ow, um, careful there Bella." She says "oops."

What happens at the end of twilight?

if you are talking about the movie what happens is they are at prom and Bella wants edward to turn her into a vampire but edward says she should stay human for now