What does 240p or 480p mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its suppose to make your picture on your tv look better 480p is ED (enhanced definition) below that is SD (standard Definition) the highest is HD

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Q: What does 240p or 480p mean?
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What is 600p resolution?

P is the number of pixels in the video quality. It goes from 144p,240p,360p,480p,600p,720p,1080p,4000p, and maybe more by now. I have not seen very many videos that have 600p though. I don't know anymore on how to answer this question. :P

How do you make youtube videos load faster?

yes there is a way. if you go on a youtube video go to the bottom right corner of the screen were the full screen button is there will be a buttn with a gear on it click on it. it will have numbers on it. example:480p 360p and 240p click on the lowest number there is and that will make the video load faster. hope that helped :D

How to play videos of 240p using Google Chrome browser?

You can easily play 240p videos in Google Chrome. They can be played in youtube as well.

What is the dimension for 480p?


What I have to do to play videos at 240p on Youtube using Google Chrome?

You do not need much to play songs on Youtube. Chrome plays them just have to reduce the size to 240p.

Which DVD/VCR combo players can watch movies in full 480p?

Every player can play at least 480p if not 720p

Is 1204 x 720 the same as 480P?

No it's not. You may be confusing 1204x720 for 1280x720, which is 720p and is a much higher picture quality than 480p. 480p is 852x480.Also 480p is a much smaller file size usually averaging 180MB for 45 minutes whereas 720p would be nearly 1GB.

What is 60 percent of 240p?

60% of 240 = 240*60/100 = 144

What does it refer by 480p in USA?

480P refers to the number of lines in a progressive video. It is a definition of resolution on the screen. 480p60 is 480 lines resolution on the screen at 60 frames per second.

What is the Difference in clarity between digital and hd tv?

480i , 480P ,

How many pixels are in a regular television?

i would say the number of pixels ina normal television is 240p

What does 960 times 720 photos mean?

That is how many pixels the picture may contain, Here are some pixel sixes, 360p 480p 540p 640p 720p 960p 1080p