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I tkink it means white. white rabbit

Yes, as the person above has mentioned 'ma' is the colour white. However, in this context the 'ma' is being used to make tamariki ma - children, while nga tamariki - the children. I am not sure if this will make sense so I have included an example below:

Haere mai ki te whaariki 'tamariki ma' - come to the mat 'children'

I am looking forward to meeting all the staff, families and 'nga tamariki' - the children

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Q: What does 'ma' mean in 'tamariki ma'?
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This is a Maori phrase. Tena koutou is a formal hello to a group of more than 2 people. Tamariki ma means children. So it's a formal hello that a teacher may use to greet children.

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The motto of Tamariki School is 'know thyself'.

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Depending on the time of day. Morena Tamariki (Good Morning Children) Morena Kaiako (Good Morning Teacher) Kia Ora Tamariki (Hello Children) Kia Ora Kaiako (Hello Teacher)

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