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Mature audience required

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Q: What does MA mean as in the movie rating?
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When will the hunger games movie rating be clarified in Australia?

it is pg 13 in usa so probably m or ma 15

What does the rating TV-MA mean?

In the United States, TV-MA is used to rate TV programs. TV-MA is used to indicate that the program is designed to be viewed by adults may not be appropriate for children under 17 years of age.

What does ctc movie rating mean?

check the classification. It means the movie has not been rated yet.

What is the rating of the movie it?

If you mean the movie "IT" About the scary clown, then rated R for sure. if you are talking about another movie i have no clue.

What does M18 mean for a movie?

Its a rating, Mature 18 yrs and over.

What does g movie rating mean?

It means that it is appropriate for all audiences.

What rating is attack on titan?


What is worse tv ma or pg 13?

Ma means mature audiences, so it would be like an R rating, and PG 13 is not as bad as an R rating, so TV MA would be worse

Is Breaking Dawn for kids?

No not really. There are multiple sex scenes in the book so i doubt it. I heard they will be rating the movie either MA 15+ or R.

What is the rating of Girls Bravo?

On the website IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base, there is a critic rating of 6.4 out of 10 for the Japanese anime series Girls Bravo. If one means the tv rating, it is considered TV-MA, which means it's for mature audiences.

What does the film age rating fifteen mean?

You have to be fifteen or over to watch the movie.

What does the movie rating R mean?

Restricted. Meaning you must be 18 or over.