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There is nothing you can really do about your height, but you can make an illusion in your mind that you're the same height as everyone else.

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Q: What do you do when you feel taller than everyone?
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Eminem is taller than everyone, because he is superior, hence he is the best.

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well, there are many tall women in the world that are taller than men. dude, im a girl and im taller than the boys in my class. everyone keeps thinking i look 14 or 15 its so weird.

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It doesn't matter with your family's genes. You can end up taller or shorter than everyone else. I'm the same as my mom and we are 5'2", she was taller before and shrunk. My brother is 3 inches taller than my dad, so everyone everyone has their own height

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Some girls like men who are taller. They usually never go for men if they are shorter than them. If she looks taller than you then that could make her feel akward. So she avoids wearing them completely. On the other hand, some girls feel that men will only like them if they are shorter than the man so that he can feel protective.

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