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The flashing white light that may occur at parties and/or clubs is called a "strobe light." A "strobe light" is a high-intensity flashing beam of light produced by charging a capacitor to a very high voltage then discharging it as a high-intensity flash of light in a tube

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Q: What do you call the flashing white light at parties and clubs?
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What does a flashing white light mean on the runway mean?

return to ramp

What does a flashing white light-gun signal mean?

return to starting point

What colors appear on mooring buoys when lighted?

slow flashing white light

What does a flashing white light gun signal mean?

return to starting point

A flashing white light gun signal means?

Return to Starting Point on Airport

What does a flashing white light on a buoy indicate?

it doesn't indicate anything, aside from the fact that the buoy is there. the light simply makes it more visible in foggy or dark conditions.

What clues might indicate that you are approaching a stale green light?

The crosswalk signal has changed from a white figure to a flashing orange hand

What is the white lights blinking across the red light mean?

They're an additional feature to focus your attention towards the traffic light. The human eye is quicker to catch a flashing light than a steady light.

Is it illegal to mount a light bar on your roof I'm looking to get one in all white no flashing for my truck for use as a work light I'm in fl?

Florida statute section 316.2397 prohibits the use of red or blue lights on non-emergency vehicles. It also prohibits the use of flashing lights. I did not find any laws prohibiting white lights. You should be fine as long as the light doesn't create a glare that could impair other drivers.

Are flashing white lights a symptom of seizure disorder?

Flashing white lights aren't symptoms of seizure disorder, they're what many people believe to be the cause of seizures.

Where did club dance music start?

i think it started in clubs especially white folks clubs

What color flashing lights for my truck?

In almost every state it is against the law to put flashing red lights on your car. You though put flashing white lights in most states.