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Q: What do you call a person from coventry?
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Should a person be sent coventry by his friends?

I don't know what you're talking about. Coventry is a city in England.

How may a person apply for Coventry Health Care Jobs?

Someone applying for a Coventry Health Car Job could do so online. By going to the Coventry Health Care site, a person can apply for a position without mailing in any paperwork.

How does it effect someone when they are sent to Coventry?

To send someone to "Coventry" is a British Idiom. It means you don't talk to them. The affect depends on the person and on how long you do this. After a while it could get a person depressed or lonely.

Who is the best in coventry?

One Coventry is the Best of Coventry.

How did Coventry get its name?

Coventry got its name from the city Coventry

Where did the Coventry Blitz happen?


Where is the Coventry Public Library in Coventry located?

The address of the Coventry Public Library is: 1672 Flat River Road, Coventry, 02816 8912

When was Coventry created?

Coventry was created in 1043.

What county is Coventry?

Coventry is in the West Midlands.

Is Coventry in London?

No, Coventry in England is in the Midlands.

When did Andrew Coventry die?

Andrew Coventry was born in 1764.

Where is the Coventry Historical Society Incorpporated in Coventry Connecticut located?

The address of the Coventry Historical Society Incorpporated is: Po Box 534, Coventry, CT 06250