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they dont tell her at all... they keep it a secret

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Q: What do they tell renee after the end of Breaking Dawn?
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Where in Breaking Dawn does it tell you what Coven Carlise's family belong to?

Carlisle's coven are the Olympic coven. It tells you in the vampire index at the end of breaking dawn.

Is it Edward or Jacob who wins out at the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer?

It is Edward who wins out at the end of Breaking Dawn.

Who will Jacob end up with in breaking dawn?

Jacob will end up with nobody in Breaking Dawn. Reneesmee is still a child then.

Does Jacob and rensemee end up in breaking down?

First of all it's Breaking Dawn and yes Jacob and Rensemee end up in Breaking Dawn

Is Breaking Dawn the end of Bella?

No! in breaking dawn, Bella becomes a vampire, and, at the end, begin's to spend the rest of eternety with edward and renesmee

When is twilight Breaking Dawn going to be out?

Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be out in November 2011 and Part will be out at the end of 2012. :)

Does Rosalie Hale die at the end of Breaking Dawn?

No, Rosalie doesn't die at the end of Breaking Dawn. She becomes nicer to Bella cause she had Renesmee and became and aunt.

What are the last five pages form Breaking Dawn?

the last 5 pages of Breaking Dawn end like love and affction.

When do the Volturi come in Breaking Dawn?

Near the end of the book.

Does bella die in the end of breaking dawn?

no shes a vampire :)

Who does kate end up with in breaking dawn?

i think she dies

Where do they end Breaking Dawn?

Right after Edward immortalizes Bella