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preform shows wolrd wide and visit places like Europe and china as long as the U.S

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Q: What do the WWE supers do at a WWE world tour?
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What is WWE world tour?

it is the wwe superstars goin around the world

What are the WWE supers names?

go to it has current and past WWE superstars and it includes refs.

Where you can watch the public interview of WWE raw world tour Brisbane Australia?

no where

What channel shows WWE raw the world tour?

watch tv and find out

When is WWE coming back to Chicago?

On December 26 for smackdown world tour

What is the date of WWE world tour in NZ 2011?

5 august or 6 July

What channel is WWE raw world tour on?

I'm not sure but I don't think Raw World Tours are televised.

When will jerico return to WWE?

Jericho deciated most of his time doing a world tour with his band.

What channel WWE raw world tour?

it don't its a home show they don't show home shows

Which WWE superstars will be at WWE world tour in Hartford CT on October 21 2012?

cm punk john cena diva like kelly kelly layla

Do WWE superstars wrestle at the world tours?

Yes they do, the next upcoming live world tour is in Austrailia on July 26th and 27th, 2013.

Do family member go on WWE tour?