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The Revenge Tour is the overseas version of WWE's United States tours like Smackdown and Raw. These particular programs are included in the Revenge Tour.

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Q: What is WrestleMania revenge tour?
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Who will be at the WWE RAW WrestleMania revenge tour?

john cena , randy orton , wade barret , the miz

When do WrestleMania revenge tour 2013 go on sale UK?

23 november 9 am raw and smackdown in london thats all i know

What is the WrestleMania tour?

The WrestleMania tour is the week leading up to WrestleMania. Whatever city it takes place in, the WWE Superstars connect with the fans. Most of the superstars do autograph signings, interviews, and other things of that sort.

Will hbk be on the WrestleMania revenge tour 2010?

No he will not be at the revenge tour 2010 because he is retired he lost the match at WM XXVI against the undertaker it was streak vs career and HBK lost so he is retired POOR HBK I LOVED IM SOO MUCH! STUPID UNDERTAKER . . . . . . . .. BUT WHY DID UNDERTAKER HELP HIM AFTER THE MATCH HE SHOOK HIS HAND AND HUGGED HIM ? ? ? ? STRANGE ? > > . . . . vs

When was Revenge Is Sweeter Tour - video - created?

Revenge Is Sweeter Tour - video - was created on 2009-02-25.

Who is coming to WWE on 02 21 2011?

Is must be Sting, he wants to revenge of The UnderTaker in Wrestlemania XXVII (27th)!

When is the Undertaker coming back to the WWE ring?

I think that the dead man will return at wrestlemania 27 ans take his revenge on Kane ............................r.i.p Kane

How many tours have short stack done?

short stack have done 5 tours they are Stack to the future tour, revenge is sweeter tour, sway sway baby tour and stack is the new black tour part 1 and 2

Was there a wrestlemania game?

Yes, there are multiple; Legends of Wrestlemania, WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game, Road to Wrestlemania, Road to Wrestlemania X8, Super WrestleMania, WWF WrestleMania 2000, WWE WrestleMania X8, WWE Wrestlemania XIX, WWF WrestleMania, and WWE WrestleMania 21.

Is the WWE coming to Manchester in 2005?

Yes, sometime after WrestleMania. backlash is in manchester Yes it goin there for the summerbash tour on 18 june. BACKLASH 05

Who are the 18 wrestlers who fought in wrestlmania with undertaker?

After he beated Triple H, there are 19.1991 WrestleMania VII: Jimmy Snuka1992 WrestleMania VIII: Jake Roberts1993 WrestleMania IX: Giant González1995 WrestleMania XI: King Kong Bundy1996 WrestleMania XII: Diesel1997 WrestleMania XIII: Sycho Sid1998 WrestleMania XIV: Kane1999 WrestleMania XV: The Big Boss Man2001 WrestleMania XVII: Triple H2002 WrestleMania XVIII: Ric Flair2003 WrestleMania XIX: The Big Show and A-Train2004 WrestleMania XX: Kane2005 WrestleMania XXI: Randy Orton2006 WrestleMania XXII: Mark Henry2007 WrestleMania XXIII: Batista2008 WrestleMania XXIV: Edge2009 WrestleMania XXV: Shawn Michaels2010 WrestleMania XXVI: Shawn Michaels2011 WrestleMania XXVII: Triple H

What is the next season after total drama revenge of the island?

Total Drama Revenge of the Island (Season 4) is the season after Total Drama World Tour. Season 4 is a half length season containing 13 episodes. Season 4 also has all new contestants with Seasons 1-3 characters making cameos throughout Season 4. New Episodes and Reruns of Total Drama Revenge of the Island can be seen on Cartoon Network and Teletoon currently.