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For the wolves, they changed Bella, bred a dangerous creature. And for the Volturi, it was a misunderstanding by Irina who considered Renesmee as an Immortal child which are forbidden to create.

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Q: What did the cullens do wrong in Breaking Dawn?
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Will the cullens die by the volturi in Breaking Dawn?

No, if you read Breaking Dawn, the do not die.

Do any of the cullens die in breaking dawn?


Do the Cullens still live in Forks after Breaking Dawn?


Do Alice and Jasper come back to the cullens?

Yes, they do at the end of Eclipse.Im talking about breaking dawnSorry got the wrong book!!! Forgive me for that! Yeah they do at the end of Breaking Dawn.

What is the name of the Cullens daughter in Breaking Dawn?

Renesmee Cullen

Will a Cullen be killed in Breaking Dawn?

No, none of the Cullens are killed in Breaking Dawn. Unless it counts that Bella does *technically* die

What is breaking dawn part 2 going to be about?

The Vulturi think Renesmee is an immortal child and so the Cullens find witnesses to prove them wrong.

What do the Cullens' give Bella for her birthday in Breaking Dawn?

They give her a house. :)

Can the Cullens pee?

Nope. Its kinda obvious but it confirms it in Breaking Dawn....

What book tells about Alice Cullens past?

Mostly in Breaking Dawn I think.

In Breaking Dawn who is Stefan?

One of the Romainian vampire witnesses the Cullens got.

Does Bella throw up at the Cullens house in Breaking Dawn movie?