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"I have a daughter in Albuquerque, you have to find her, tell her I'm sorry." "I have a daughter in Albuquerque, you have to find her, tell her I'm sorry."

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We should find out before the end of this season on Lost.

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Q: What did sawyer say to Kate on the helicopter?
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What does Sawyer call Kate in the TV show LOST?

Sawyer calls Kate Freckle's.

How many times have kate and sawyer gotten it on on lost?

Kate and Sawyer have gotten it on 3 times....:)

What has the author Kate H Sawyer written?

Kate H. Sawyer has written: 'Miss Penelope's elopement'

What season and episode of Lost does Kate try to steal the case from Sawyer?

Kate tries to steal the case from Sawyer in the 12th episode of season one, Titled: Whatever the case may be.

Who sings that song with the words what you say about his company is what you say about society?

Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

Is Jack in lost married to Kate?

No, in "Lost", Jack is not married to Kate. In season 4, when they both got off the island, they became an item. Jack proposed to Kate, but the engagement was later canceled.And poor Sawyer doesn't get Kate.

What is happening with Kate and Sawyer?

Yes. Totally.If anyone on this show gets a happily ever after, it will be Jack and Kate.- Above updated by dedicated Jater, who knows how it will end and you better believe it!==========================================================================update for season 6it certainly seems like Jack and Kate are done. What was the point of breaking off their engagement if they were ever going to end up together? Also if you have been watching season 6 each character has a corresponding number and Sawyer's number is 15 and Kate's is 51. They reflect eachother! Coincidence? I think not!

Why did sawyer jump from the helicopter in lost?

He did so to lighten the load so the helicopter could make it to the freighter. That is before the freighter exploded and the island disappeared.

Who is better in lost Jack or sawyer?

sawyer is way better jack is mean and controllive sawyer is way better and jack is way ugly

When was Hard to Say - Sawyer Brown song - created?

Hard to Say - Sawyer Brown song - was created on 1994-06-20.

What happened to Richard Alpert on Lost?

Richard got off the island with Kate, Sawyer, Miles, The Pilot, and Hurly

How do you say Kate in Maori translation?