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Sawyer calls Kate Freckle's.

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Q: What does Sawyer call Kate in the TV show LOST?
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What is the real name of sawyer?

In the TV show "Lost," Sawyer's real name is "Jack Ford."

What is Sawyer's last name in Lost?

Sawyer's real name in "Lost" is "James Ford."

Character name of Josh Holloway on the TV show Lost?

James Sawyer Ford

Did kate love jack in lost tv show?


How long was Sawyer stranded on an island in the TV show LOST?

Over 3 years.

Characters from the show lost?

Jack Shepard, Kate Austen, James (Sawyer) Ford, Hugo Reyes, Sayid Jarrah, Sun Kwon, Jin Kwon, Ben Linus, John Locke, Jacob, Richard Alpert etc.

Whats character played by Josh Holloway on the TV show Lost name?

Josh Holloway plays as Sawyer or James(his real name) in LOST.

Who is kate austen?

SHe is a main character on the hit TV series LOST. SHe is on the run for killing her abusive step father. SHe falls in love with the main character and focus of the show, doctor Jack Shepard, but also has a love for the con man, Mr Sawyer. For more info to see how she is redeemed please whatch LOST

What is Peyton Sawyer known for?

The character Peyton Sawyer is a fictional character from the television show know as One Tree Hill. She is played by the actor Hilarie Burton. The character experiences a great number of lost-loves during the show.

What is happening with Kate and Sawyer?

Yes. Totally.If anyone on this show gets a happily ever after, it will be Jack and Kate.- Above updated by dedicated Jater, who knows how it will end and you better believe it!==========================================================================update for season 6it certainly seems like Jack and Kate are done. What was the point of breaking off their engagement if they were ever going to end up together? Also if you have been watching season 6 each character has a corresponding number and Sawyer's number is 15 and Kate's is 51. They reflect eachother! Coincidence? I think not!

Who hits the rope with the gun when Kate touched the doll in the TV show LOST?

This is what happen: Jack & Kate in the forest, Kate touched a doll, which was a trap, and Kate and Jack were trapped in a net/rope. Kate shot first, but missed. In the end Jack made the second shot and got the rope cut and off.

What is the show going to be named with just Kate Gosselin?

TLC is producing two shows featuring Kate Gosselin - the show with just Kate is "Twist of Kate".