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Kevin Jonas trained young people on the trampoline

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Q: What did Kevin Jonas do before jobro?
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1.nick jonas 2.joe jonas 3.kevin jonas but there all hot

Does Nick Jonas have his own apartment?

No Way does Nick J (My future hubby) have an aparment! the only jobro who SHOULD have one is kevin!! (ENGAGED!)

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His favourite song is Year 3000!

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Kevin Jonas is known as the romantic nice one...answer your question? :) As stated before Paul Kevin Jonas II , or "Kevin Jonas" is the cute, romantic one of the Jonas Brothers.

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What did Joe Jonas do before the Jonas Brothers?

This Is What Joe Jonas Did Before The Jonas Brothers:He Did Nothing Really, It Was Mostly Nick Who Was On BroadWay Before The Jonas Brothers.Joe And Kevin Were On Some Comercials I Think! Sorry If It's Not Right!it is right sort of joe and Kevin were on Broadway 2 and they did comericals 2

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Yes. Him, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas 2, and Miley Cyrus wrote Before the Storm

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Kevin Jonas is the oldest Jonas Brothers He is also married and is kind of unattractive. And really wild.

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the first Kevin Jonas is Kevin Jonas from the Jonas brothers bands dad he is the first

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