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She was paraded around visiting military installations, was photographed sitting on anti-aircraft weapons, visited American POWs and after secretly receiving a list of POWs Social Security numbers, handed this list to the North Vietnamese. This caused the torture of these brave soldiers. She denounced the American military and called the American soldiers baby killers and murders.

Many veterans and conservative Americans believed that she gave aid and comfort to the enemy of the United States and should have been put on trial as a traitor. She has in later years apologized for her actions, but some say they will never forgive her for what they see as clearly traitorous actions that prolonged the war and caused more deaths of both American and Vietnamese.

Jane Fonda WAS NOT passed any secret communication from the the POWs. This is an urban myth. She was an avid antiwar protester that did spout rhetoric and visit North Veitnam, but the social security number story is an urban legend, nothing else. check out

Regardless of what she did in North Vietnam, she encouraged the North to continue killing our young men and women. She should have not been allowed back into the country and should have had her citizenship revoked. What a slap in the face to all who died serving their country and, those of us who somehow survived and are still haunted by that war. And she got away with it and is honored today. No wonder the military is having such a hard time recruiting people. What honor is there in serving your country today? Very few people care about the Veteran.


Much of what was discussed during the Vietnam era invovled what were called "American Principles." We discussed a way of life and, while there was fierce debate and more, I think that in most cases, most people with a voice were sincere in their beliefs, regardless of which side of the spectrum on stood regarding the war.

One of the principles both sides agreed upon was the Bill of Rights. And the hardest test of the 1st Amendment occurs when someone has something to say that you feel is fundamentally wrong. It's easy to allow freedom of speech when what you hear pleases.

Whether or not anyone agrees or disagrees with Jane Fonda, whether you saw a cause in her rhetoric, or instead sedition, whether you wish to demonize or cannonize her, whatever she said then was, is and hopefully will remain sanctioned and safe under the 1st Amendment.

As Americans, and before that British subjects, we have a very long tradition of loud public disagreement with stated government policy, and with each other. But one thing we've agreed upon is keeping that voice running. I've fought for people's right to speak in cases where what they said was -- to me -- vile. And I think soldiers in Vietnam implicitly fought for that as well -- it is in fact mentioned in the oath one takes when entering the service.

I imagine no-one posting to this question would, given choice, really have it any other way.

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is, like yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater, not protected free speech. If it were, Lord Haw-Haw might still be alive.

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Q: What did Jane Fonda actually do while in Hanoi during her visit?
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