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People like to visit places where there are lot of excitement and happiness. People also want various activities to do. I recently went to Montgomery city, Alabama and fin all the more incredible Attractionsvarious places to visit and things to do

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Q: What place do the tourist want to visit?
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What does tourist mean?

A place where tourist wants to visit in large number based on the popularity of the location. My favourite tourist attraction in Montgomery City, Alabama. Its an awesome place has so many beautiful places to visit

Describe tourist services?

Tourist services help the tourist for travel from one place to another place. For more details visit us

Why is Belgium a good place to visit?

it has many tourist destinations

Why do tourist want to visit the coral reef?

because dicks

The tourist place nainital situated in?

Nainital has many tourist places to visit, there are very nice sightseeing.

Can people visit George Washington's grave?

Yes you can it's a public place where you get to visit his home and get to see his grave it's for tourist Yes you can it's a public place where you get to visit his home and get to see his grave it's for tourist

Is Asia a tourist place?

Yes, Asia is a great place for tourists. Millions of tourists visit Asia every year. It is a large continent with many different countries and cultures and things to see and do. So almost anything you would want you could find in Asia as a tourist.

What is the purpose of a tourist brochure?

To inform tourists about the city/place. or advertise the place to people so they would come and visit there

Is Los Angeles is a great place to visit?

Yes, Los Angeles is a great place, with a lot of great tourist attractions.

Why are so many tourist resorts located by Mexico's coasts?

well in general most tourist attractions of mexico are at the east and west coasts because most people want to go to a nice place to visit during the summer like the beach in this situation.

How many tourist visit other countries?

More 500000 lakh tourist visit to our country.

Why would a tourist visit the Great Lakes?

A tourist would visit the Great Lake because so the tourist can take pictures and share them to friends and family, so they can see something unique. And the Great Lakes can be a tourist attraction for people. (a tourist attraction is something which is an attraction for people and people can come and tour the place). Also people can fish there, swim there etc.