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he threw flaming pinecones

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Q: What did Gandalf do to get the wolves to back off?
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Who could understand what the wolves were saying in The Hobbit?


What are evil wolves afraid of in The Hobbit?

the wolves are afraid the sword that gandalf has Glamdring, Foe-hammer that the king of Gondolin once wore.

Why does the lord of the eagle's notice the expedition?

He heard the wolves' voices as they ran howling from Gandalf's fire.

What does the lord of the eagles notice about the expedition?

He heard the wolves' voices as they ran howling from Gandalf's fire.

Why does Bilbo climb to raven hill during the battle of the five armies hobbit?

After hearing wolves, Gandalf told them to climb into the trees to escape the wolves.

What is mark todds best horse?

one off them was gandalf

Go back to the shadows whence you came?

Gandalf the Grey

Where did Gandalf and Bilbo stay for a week chapter 16-19?

Gandalf and Bilbo stayed at Beorn's home for one week on their way back to Hobbiton

Who came back to Bilbo's house to tell Bilbo to hurry?


Why did Gandalf want a burgular?

Gandalf didn't want a burglar, the thirteen dwarves wanted the burglar, to help them get steal back their wealth from Smaug the Great Dragon.

What two colors is Gandalf the wizard in Lord of the Rings known by?

Gandalf was originally known as Gandalf the Grey. After his rebirth, he became Gandalf the White in replacement of Saruman. Gandalf the Grey and after his resurrection he became Gandalf the White.

What is Gandalf's surname?

Gandalf does not have a particular last or sir name. His is called by many names by different races, creeds and peoples. The most common are Gandalf the grey or white, gandalf greyhelm or Mithrandir. There may be more, but I cannot remember off the top of my head. Actually, the name is greyhame (cloak), and he is also known as Stormcrow by Rohan.