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a reaper

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Q: What did Cyrus mccormic invent?
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What did Cyrus West Field invent?

Cyrus W. Field invented the first transatlantic telephone cable.

What did Jo Anderson and Cyrus McCormick invent?

Cyrus Invented a horse-drawn reaper; what once took 20 hours to harvest could be done in less than 1 hour; made large-scale farming possible without the use of slaves, but I do not know what Jo Anderson did.

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What was Cyrus mccormic address?

1223 Pennsylvania avenue in los angel as

When was Mary McCormic born?

Mary McCormic was born in 1895.

What is the birth name of Mary McCormic?

Mary McCormic's birth name is Mamie Harris.

What did Cyrus the Great invent?

The catapult

What did Cyrus field invent?

a condom

Can you use mccormic cinnamon extract?

can i use mccormic cinnamon extract for weight loss and how much to take

When did Mary McCormic die?

Mary McCormic died on February 10, 1981, in Amarillo, Texas, USA.

Where did Cyrus McCormick invent the McCormick Reaper?


What did Cyrus McCormick invent in 1834?

The mechanical reaper

What year did Cyrus mcCormick invent the reaper?


What did Cyrus mccormack invent?

The horse drawn reaper.

What did Cyrus West Field invent?

Cyrus W. Field invented the first transatlantic telephone cable.