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Bill asked Jack, "What'll we use for lighting the fire?"

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bill asks jack "what'll we use for lighting the fire?"

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Q: What did Bill ask that made Jack blush in Lord of the Flies Chap. 10?
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Who is Bill in Lord of the Flies?

In lord of the flies, ben is a follower of jack...or a choir boy.

Who are he characters in Lord of the Flies?

*Ralph *Jack *Sam & Eric *Roger *Piggy *Simon *Percival *Bill

How does jack change from chap 1 to chap 3 lord of the flies?

Jack starts off as a choirboy, with a sense of discipline and order in Chapter 1. By Chapter 3, he becomes more obsessed with hunting and power, leading him to prioritize his desire for control and domination over the well-being of the group. This change is evident in his increasing disregard for rules and his growing rivalry with Ralph.

How is Bill in Lord of the Flies?

In "Lord of the Flies," Bill is one of the older boys on the island. He is initially part of Ralph's group but later joins Jack's tribe because they offer more excitement and power. Bill is not a prominent character in the story, but he is depicted as a follower who is swayed by strong personalities.

What are Quotes from jack painting faces in lord of the flies?

One quote from Jack painting faces in "Lord of the Flies" is: "We'll have to look like we fought for it" (Golding, 63). This shows Jack's belief in the importance of appearance and deception. Additionally, "He capered toward Bill, and the mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness" (Golding, 64) highlights how the mask allows Jack to embrace his savage instincts.

Who killed Jack in Lord of the Flies?

Jack never died

What do the flies represent in people of the Flies?

Jack could represent the pig's head, and the flies could represent Jack's followers, how they are practically "swarming" around him.

Were Jack and Bill treated equally?

no because bill got bullied of jack then bills mam bullied him

Who is Jack from Lord of the Flies?

Jack is the antagonis(competitor, rival) of the story

What does jack have in Lord of the Flies?

He has a knife

How do use fought in a sentence?

Jack *fought* with Bill so much that Bill decided not to be Jack's friend anymore because Bill didn't like to fight.

Why did jack make the offering in lord of the flies?

Jack made the offering as a sacrifice.