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The Arkenstone of Thrain.

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Q: What did Bilbo put in his deepest pocket?
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What is Gollum's reply to Bilbo's question that he cannot answer?

Bilbo finds the ring on the bank of the lake where Gollum lives, and put it in his pocket. While thinking about it he says to himself 'What have I got in my pocket?', which Gollum takes as a real question and he cannot answer it.

What page does Bilbo say 'What have I got in my pocket'?

On page 85 of 'The Hobbit' Bilbo asks "What have I got in my pocket?"

What is in bilbos pocket?

During the riddle game, Gollum’s ring is in Bilbo’s pocket.

What question does Bilbo ask that gollum cannot answer?

Bilbo asks Gollum "What's in my pocket" (the Ring) and Gollum cannot answer.

What was gollum's first guess to Bilbo's question what have you got in your pocket?


What was gollum's second guess to Bilbo's question what have you got in your pocket?


Why does Bilbo find as he crawls blindly along the floorof the tunnel?

Bilbo finds the ring that he later finds out belongs to Gollum who lost it. Gollum riddles with him in order to eat him, after bilbo asks him what is in his pocket he gets it after he helped bilbo get out of the mountain.

What terms did Bilbo and Gollum agree to in chapter 5?

Bilbo finds himself in a cave after escaping the goblins. The cave is home to a creature who calls himself gollum. Gollum is in a mood because he has lost his precious(the ring in bilbo's pocket). Gollum challenges Bilbo to a riddles contest, if Bilbo loses Gollum gets to stew him in a pot and eat him. If Bilbo wins he gets to leave the cave uneaten. After a few riddles each bilbo realises Gollum is much better than himself, so cheats by asking "what is in my pocket?" When he faails to find the answer bilbo uses the ring to vanish from sight and escape.

Why couldn't Bilbo be in a barrel?

That was the big mistake Bilbo made. There was no one to put him in it and close it up for him.

What did William catch Bilbo doing?

Trying to pick his pocket. William's purse gave it away by yelling.

What is Bilbo and Gollum's game?

Bilbo said, talking to himself, "what have i got in my pocket?" (it was the Ring). Gollum thought it was a riddle and Bilbo decided to make it one. he gave Gollum three chances to guess and gollum lost after four. then gollum went "to get something" (it was the ring), and Bilbo thought he was abandoned and left with the ring on. Gollum thought Bilbo knew the way out and he wanted to follow him, realizing Bilbo had the ring. Bilbo saw Gollum racing towards the gate and followed him to safety.

What did Bilbo find and put in his pocket?

When he first enters the dragon's lair, he returns with a two handed cup.