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Thorin chooses to fortify his postition and await Dain's arrival. He is ready to do battle with the elves and men.

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He starts looking through the treasure for the Arkenstone.

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Q: What course of action did Thorin choose after hearing the news?
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The book by J.J.R. Tolken shows Bilbo and Thorin and Co. using a key, Bilbo's sword, Sting, and, of course, the ring. One other thing that is sort-of apart from the map is the fact that the all-important moon-letters, which were found by Elrond the elf.

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No, it's NOT worth fighting for because everyone just wants it to become rich. I really don't see the point in fighting for gold just for power. Obviously everyone in the story really needs a change if heart. The Goblins hear that Smaug is dead and that there is hoarded gold that nobody is claiming...Ho selfish and greedy! The gold shouldn't be fought over because it really is Thorin's treasure because he is The King Under The Mountain for crying out loud! It's The King Under The Mountain's gold not gobbling, or the elves', the wargs, orcs, or even the People of Lake Town's. Although because Bard killed the Dragon, Smaug, he and his family should get some of the treasure...but of course there's Thorin being greedy not wanting to share. Greediness is one of the moods in this novel. Take a self assessment, would YOU want to share with the man that killed the dragon allowing you to be the King? I know I would!:)

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