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1. Time to Pretend was the theme music for Manchester based UK radio station's new football show Total Football covering Manchester United and Manchester City games.

2. Time to Pretend was included in one of HMV's holiday commercials.

3. Time to Pretend was also used for the Polish TV commercial for the Ferrero SpA Duplo chocolate bar.

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when a stranger calls and boo I believe it's in the beginning of "21"

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Q: What commercial has MGMT Time To Pretend in it?
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What is the song from the sexdrive commercial?

MGMT Time to Pretend

What is the song called with the tune of Time to pretend by MGMT but there is a rapper singing?

Pretend Service Announcement - MGMT x Jay-Z

What is the song from the sexdrive trailer?

time to pretend MGMT

What is the song in sexdrive when they are driving?

Time to pretend by MGMT is one of them

What is the intro song for 21?

Hey, The song is "Time To Pretend" by MGMT ;) Joakim

What is that song by MGMT Daft Punk and eminem?

one more time to pretend

What commercial is MGMT 's song 'Time to pretend' on?

The song is on the sound track to one of the greatest comedies of 2008 . SEX DRIVE! We all now know of the Rolling Brown Out.

What is the song from the five us advert for action movies?

Could be 'Time to pretend' by MGMT ?

What was mgmt's greatest hits?

kids,time to pretend electric feel and may more

What is song is on the Five US advert about Stephen Seagal?

i think it's mgmt - time to pretend

What is the song from the Five US advert for terminator 3?

It's 'Time to pretend by' MGMT. Trust me.

What is the music played during the goalkeeper montage on sky ones 50 greatest premiership goals?

Time to Pretend by MGMT