Did MGMT used to be called magnetic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, they used to be called The Management until around 2005 or 2006. Then they changed their band name to MGMT 'because there was another band called The Management'.

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Q: Did MGMT used to be called magnetic?
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Why is the band called mgmt?

They used to be called the Management but found out that there were already bands called such so they simplified it to MGMT.

What does MGMT stand for?

Management.... the used to be called that use wikipedia for more info if u want

What is the name of the MGMT song that goes it all begins with a smile?

its not by mgmt. its called open book by mates of state. i think...

What is the song called with the tune of Time to pretend by MGMT but there is a rapper singing?

Pretend Service Announcement - MGMT x Jay-Z

Is the band MGMT good?

obviously of course. after all they are called MGMT. mostly stoners/potheads like me like the band MGMT. and i am telling the truth. look at their music videos... its a total stoner band

What is name of mgmt album?

Oracular Spectacular was the actual MGMT album. They kind of released an album when they were The Management (before they realized that was taken) and that album was called We (Don't) Care. They have a single called Metanoia and are about to have an album called Congratulations.

What is the equipment used to measure magnetic force called?

The equipment used to measure magnetic force is called a magnetometer. Magnetometers can come in various types, such as fluxgate, Hall effect, or SQUID magnetometers, and are used to detect and measure magnetic fields.

When was MGMT created?

MGMT was created in 2005.

The magnetic element used in making metals called?

Iron and Nickel both have magnetic properties.

What do the initials for the band MGMT stand for?

They used to be called 'The Management' and MGMT is just a shortened version of that word. ^ That is incorrect. In this video..... is hard to hear, but at 5:55 band member Andrew VanWyngarden says "MGMT stands for Make Great Music Today." He was just joking about that. It does stand for The Management. It stands for "Makes Good Mushroom Trips"

What song plays on American dad while roger skateboards high episode son of Stan?

I got your back bro: MGMT - Electric Feel :) enjoy

What is the sensing device used to detect magnetic fields called?

A magnetometer.