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The platform is described as being formed of pink granite, as are the mountain, castle rock and all the other rock features of the island.

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Q: What color was the granite platform in Lord of the Flies?
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What color is the platform in Lord of the Flies?

The platform is made of pink granite, just like all the other rocks on the island, including the mountain and castle rock.

What color hair does Jack have in Lord of the Flies?


What does the bathing pool represent in Lord of the Flies?

The natural pool is close to the platform and the shelters.

What color are the choir boys wearing in lord of the flies?


Lord of the Flies Chapter 8 Why does Ralph take his group to the platform...What problem is Ralph having at this meeting?


Where did the boys find the conch in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph spots the conch shell lying on the bottom of the lagoon, close to the platform. he uproots a small sapling which he uses to lever it out of the water.

Who does the assemblies in Lord of the Flies?

It symbolises a place of comfort for the boys and it is also a place of order and civilisation. All the meetings were held at the platform.

What color hair did Tom Chapin have when he was in the lord of the flies 1963 version?

blonde hair

How does Ralph have order in Lord of the Flies?

The boys Elected Ralph Chief after meeting at the platform at the begining of the book. This is when they realize it was Ralph who blew the shell and called them there.

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

When was Lord of the Flies created?

Lord of the Flies was created on 1954-09-17.

What does the assembly platform symbolize in Lord of the Flies?

I guess the platform can symbolize a place of order and civilization. Assemblies were always held there, under the green and sweeping fronds, to discuss problems and strategies on how to survive on the island