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The natural pool is close to the platform and the shelters.

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Yes, it does

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Q: What does the bathing pool represent in Lord of the Flies?
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Lord of the flies what effect does their time in the bathing pool have on Ralph and Jack?

They become closer friends afterwards

What is the setting in Lord of the Flies?

The book Lord of the Flies takes place on an unnamed tropical island. The island is superficially idyllic and provides the boys with a readily available supply of food, water and a warm climate. There is a convenient bathing pool, a mountain where the boys can light a signal fire and a 'platform' where they can hold meetings.

What can you wear in a swimming pool?

a bathing suit....

Is packing a bathing suit good for the pool?

Yes it is

What is a bathing costume?

A bathing costume is the clothes that a person wears when bathing in the sea or in a swimming pool, especially a one-piece garment worn by women and girls.

In Lord of the Flies what locations on the island are discussed?

Some may not be that specific, but here it is. The Mountain The Clearing Caslte Rock The Shelter The Bathing Pool The Woods Simon's Secret Place Both Sides Of The Island Pigs Head On The Stick (Offering To The Beast) Sand Castles On The Beach -That Is Kinda It, There Is Probably A Lot More But I Forget-

Where do jack and Ralph assume Simon is?

The Assumed he was in the bathing-pool, but he was not. He was in the forest.

Where can one purchase bathing suits for women?

Bathing suits for women can be purchased at Marks and Spencer. If one visits a swimming pool they will sometimes have bathing suits for sale. Amazon also sell them.

What is a swimsuit used for?

a swimsuit is used for swimming in a pool take sun shine bathing

Where do jack and Ralph assume Simon is in chapter 3?

They think he's in the bathing-pool.

When do the boys get to speak out - Lord of the Flies?

The boys are able to speak out only when they have the conch in their hands. The conch was found by Piggy and Ralph in the beginning of the book in a tidal pool. The conch represents democracy and order in the Lord of the Flies. The conch is destroyed when Piggy is killed. This is symbolized the madness of society when the conch breaks.

Why can't girls wear no bathing suit tops in the pool?

I don't know where you got the idea for this, but it is not true. It preferred that girls do wear suit tops in a pool.