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Q: What color is the mocking jay pin?
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What does the Mockingjay pin?

The mocking jay pin has a mocking jay with an arrow through the bottom and it is a dull gold.

Can you pin the mockingjay pin on?

Well if you can't pin the mocking jay pin on, then there's your answer.

What does katniss symbolize in the Hunger Games?

a mocking jay, it's on her pin!

What is the pin of in catching fire?

The pin in Catching Fire is a pin of a mocking jay. In the original book a friend gave the pin to Katniss , but in the movie she gets the pin at the hob.

How did katness get the mockingjay in the hunger games?

the mocking jay pin she got from a store when making a trade.

How is Katniss like a mokingjay?

Because Katniss secretly wore a Mocking jay pin into the arena, and broke the Capitol's rules by making her and Peeta come out alive. After Katniss rebelled against the Capitol, many districts finally felt they could do the same, starting an uprising. Katniss was the creator of all the deaths and saving lives in the books, and it all started when she received the pin. With the pin, she became the Mocking Jay.

When does the Mockingjay appear in the Hunger Games?

The mocking jay pin appears in the first book when Katniss' friend Madge gives it to her before her first Hunger Games. The birds are then mentioned in the first arena when Rue tells Katniss how they can communicate with each other in the arena.

Is the mocking jay a real bird?


Did gale die in mocking jay?


When is mocking jay coming out?

I believe the release date is set for August 24, 2010.Mocking Jay part 1 comes out in November 21, 2014. Mocking Jay part 2 comes out in November 23, 2015.

What is the difference between Mockingjay and mockingbird?

A mocking jay is a combination of a real bird and a genetically engineered bird. In other words it's a mocking bird bred with a jabber-jay. A mocking bird is just a real mocking bird.

What is the phone called in the mocking jay?