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It's a reddish-brown color. Bella describes it as russet-colored.

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the color of jacob`s fur aka(Taylor Launter) is brown and back off he`s mine!

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In Wolf Form Paul has Dark Silver Fur

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Q: What color is Jacobs werewolf fur?
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What color is a werewolf's fur?


What color is Jared's fur as a werewolf?

unknown color 

What color is seth clearwaters fur when hes a werewolf?

Seth Clearwater's fur is black when he is in werewolf form.

What color is Collin's fur as a werewolf?

Collin's fur is a light grey color when he transforms into a werewolf.

When Jacob becomes a werewolf what color is his fur?

Jacob's wolf fur color is a redissh brownish, color his eyes are brown. It is a type of rusty red.

What kind of wolf matches Jacobs fur color?

reddish brown

What color was the wolf charm Bella Swan received from Jacob Black?

The wolf charm Bella Swan received from Jacob Black was made of carved red-brown wood.

Twilight What color is Leah clearwaters fur when shes a werewolf?

When in wolf form, Edward describes her as a "smaller grey wolf".

What is a giant hackledom?

it is a werewolf because it has brown fur

When he is a wolf Jacobs fur is?

reddish brown

Who is the first werewolf to join Jacobs pack?

Seth Clearwater is the first werewolf to join Jacob's pack and Leah Clearwater comes next.

What is the alpha color for a werewolf?

Depends on the characteristics of the werewolf. Alpha's dont have a specific pelt color